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All Natural Detox

100% All Natural Karina Lily Detox. Detox your body by flushing out the accumulated toxins that causes irregularity and bloating.

Karina Lily Detox is a finely ground powder made of 27 natural plants and herbs. This detox can be used daily to assist normal bowel movement.




- 100% All Natural Detox for the Intestine,    Kidney, Liver, Pancreas, lungs 

-Made with 27 plants and herbs 

-Helps reduce bloating 

-Helps expel accumulated toxins 

-Helps with digestive problems 

-Relieves constipation and irregularities 

-Helps reduce Uric acid 

-Helps reduce Cholesterol levels 

-Helps reduce sugar levels in both  

 Diabetics and pre diabetics  



Mix One Tablespoon in 6-8 oz of room temperature water or natural juice before breakfast or before bed. 












Black Label

Black Label is a blend formulated to help in weight loss.This powerful formula is designed to take once a day. 


Recommendations: Unsuitable for those with high blood pressure, diabetes, or under the age of 18 or above 60.




 - Accelerates your metabolism

- Burns fat

- Curves cravings

- Helps you reduce inches

- Controls your appetite

- Gives energy

- Breaks down stored fat



Directions: Take one pill Before or after food with plenty of water 








Slimming Gel

Slimming Gel 



- Helps to firm and tighen skin  

- Helps reduce Cellulite 

- Helps reduce stretch marks 

- Helps with Bloating 

- Helps break down fat cells 

- Helps reduce inches 

- Helps with muscular pain/ Arthritis 

- Helps relieve congestion 


Directions: Apply once or twice a day on clean dry skin in circular motion 

(Avoid face and eye area) 



Slim Shape Shake

rina Lily Slim Shape Shakes

     (Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry) are a low-calorie meal replacement filled with nutrients and 30g of protein. Slim shape shakes are easy to make and offer a powerful blend of green vegetables and 
fruits. Slim Shape are an excellent addition to
your weight management program.




Nutritional Shake

-27 Fruits and Vegetables vitamins and minerals

-Appetite Control

-Low in Calories and Sodiumn

 -No sugar Added

-Diabetic Friendly

-Safe for Childern

-High in protein

-For Men and Women

-Helps repair muscle

-Soy Free,Non GMO,Gluten Free

-Perfect for pre or post work out 

(30 grams Whey lsolate protein)


Suggested use:

Add 1 tablespoon into (6-8 oz)

of Milk or Milk Substitute 

You can add ice, or blend with fruits if prefered. 





Stem Cell Nutrition 

Stem Cell Nutricion 

Nutritionally supports the metabolism of bone marrow, enabling it to enhance the production of stem cells. By doing so, your body will have a better ability to restore, regenerate, and rejuvinate itself. Look and feel younger Stem Cells is designed to rejuvanate your body and slow the aging prpcess to help you feel and funtion at your optimal level Our Formula is desinged to support the liberation of Stem Cells within the body. Enhance immune activity and function, Protect the major organs Brain, Digestive System, Heart, Lungs, Eyes, and Skin. Karina Lily Stem Cells Activate a more youthful appearance. 



Suggested Use:

 Adults take 3 capsules daily, with water

Oxi Power


Oxy Power helps strengthen the immune system and prevents the formations of kidney stones. It also aids in treating cold symptoms , insomnia, and fatigue. It's beneficial in treating fibromyalgia, arthritis, exposed wounds, and burns. helps with anemia, Natural diuretic to help expel accumulated water.  





- Promotes healthy iron levels. 

- Helps reduce stress  

- Purifies your body

- Helps with water retention 

- Improves circulation

- Helps fight fatigue

- Helps with body odor

- Reduces stress

- Oxygenates cells

- Improve skin texture


Suggested Use:

Take 2 capfulls daily (add to your water) 


Collagen +C


Radiant Glow

Collagen +C Benefits:

- Rejuvenates skin texture 

- Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles 

- Nourishes and strengthens nails

- Promotes Hair Growth 

- Improves hair quality and thickness

- Helps curve appetite

- Naturally Increases energy

- Helps with Joint pain Arthritis 



Suggested use:

Mix One tablespoon in 6 - 8 oz cold juice ,Hot Coffee or cool/cold water, 


Cocolatte Antioxidant Coffee


Ganoderma helps every organ restore itself to its natural state. Helps with infertality, helps with Liver problems, reproductive tract infections, chronic fatigue, cancer cells, Helps with premature aging.
It also helps with Diabetes, dizziness, headaches, tumors, respiratory tract infections, and fungus.





Suggested use:

Add 1 tablespoon into (6-8 oz)

of hot water and mix 

You can add ice, or honey if preferred.



D- Biotin

  D-Biotin Benefits:

D- Biotin Helps promote hair, nail growth, D- Biotin acts as a co-enzyme in the body which is needed for the metabolism of fatty acids, amino acids and glucosrowe, This means that when we eat foods that are sources of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, vitamin B7 then Biotin must be present in order to convert and use these micronutrients for energy, to carry out physical activities, and for proper mental functioning. D Biotin Also helps with Depression and dry eyes. 



D-Biotin   10,000 mcg


Suggested use:

Take 2 Capsules 



Detox 1 Colon Formula


Designed to aid and promote healthy function of the lower digestive system. 





- Reduces Bloating 

- Lubricates the intestine

- Reduce Hemorrhoid problems

- Helps reduces Heartburn

- Helps reduce Acidity

- Helps with Skin Spots

- Reduces Chronic fatigue

- Helps lower Cholesterol




Detox 2 Liver Formula



 Liver Formula Helps purify and detoxify the liver. It also keeps

the blood free from toxins.




- Cleans and detoxifies the liver

- Keeps the blood free from toxins

- Helps with fatty liver

- Helps with Skin Spots

- Helps reduce inflamed stomach

- Helps with hepatitis C

- Helps with Cirrhosis

- Promotes good circulation  




Detox 3 Kidney Formula

Kidney Formula has been specially designed to promote a healthy urinary system. The urinary system consist of organs and tissues (the kidney, uterus, bladder, and urethra) involved with regulation of water content as well as salt concentration in the body in the form of urine.





- Helps with urinary tract infections

- Helps prevent and remove kidney stones 

- Helps Reduce back pain

- Helps with incontinence

- Helps with back pain

- Helps Reduce fluid retention

- Eliminates toxins

- Helps lower blood pressure 





Detox 4 Small Intestines Formula


Small Intestines Formula has been specially designed to promote normal bowel movement & evacuation, and support intestinal cleanse with minimal or no discomfort.


- Helps Reduce inflammation of the lower abdomen

- Helps with poor digestion

- Helps with constant stomach aches

- Helps with Irreguarities and constipation

- Detoxities the small inestines

- Helps combat obesity


Antioxidant Juice

This unique juice blend of 14 Super Antioxidants 

contains many essential fruits
which work together to create a nutritionally balanced
juice blend that can benefit the body and mind.
Great taste & unique blend of delicious juices is a
natural way to boost energy, boost metabolism, and
mantain healthy lifestyle with the essential nutrients
and plant-derived substaces. 


- Supports a healthy immune system

- Fights Free Radicals

- Naturally Boost energy

- Can help aid gastritis

- Promotes good circulation 

- Helps fight cancer cells

- Help reduce reflux

- May help lower cholesterol

- Improves memory & vision

- Helps with premature aging 

- kid friendly

Hydro Glow Cream 

Hydro Glow Nourishing Concentrated Cream

is made from Stem Cell activators,
hydrolyzed collagen, and 10 antioxidant-rich 
ingredients that moisturize, firm, and 
rejuvenate the skin.  Our cream helps nourish 
and recondition skin, protects against toxins, 
impurities, oxygenates the skin, and helps 
remove dead skin cells. To reveal your skins 
natural beauty!


- Helps Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles

- Helps Promote skin elasticity 

- Helps lighten Sun spots / Age Spots

- Helps Firm and Tighten Skin

- Hydrates your skin

- Helps reduce blemishes

- Helps Remove Impurities

- Helps remove dead skin cells

- Rejuvenate, Nourish and Moistures skin

- Antioxidants to help reduce premature aging.

All Natural Ingrediets such as Hydrolyzed collagen, Neem, Chamomile, Acai Berries, Resveratrol, Mangosteen, Green Tea, Rosemary, Cucumber, Retinol, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Coenzyme Q-10 and Aloe Vera. 

DESIRE for Women 


Naturally Helps to:

- Balance hormonal changes
- Helps reduce stress,

- Irritability, Anxiety and reduce tension 
- Naturally increases libido Increase
  Sexual Desire 
- Helps regulate menopause symptoms
- Helps balance estrogen levels
- Irregular menstruation
- Osteoporosis
- Night sweats, hot flashes
- Help with Inferlity

Suggested Use:

Take 1 Capsule daily with water.
up to 2 capsules daily.

STAMINA Boost For men




- Help improve circulation
- Supports a healthy prostate
- Helps support a healthy urinary tract system
- Helps with erectile dysfunction





Take 1 capsule daily with water.
up to 2 capsules daily.




KL Tea Metabolism Booster


Benefits KL TEA

- Boost your metabolism
- Helps burn stored fat
- Suppress appetite and cravings
- Naturally raise energy levels
- Reduce bloating
- Zero Calories

Add 1-2 scoops in (4-6) oz of hot water or add to your favorite cold flavored drink.