Detox # 1 Colon Formula

Designed to aid and promote healthy function of the lower digestive system.


- Helps with Bloating

- Helps Lubricates the intestine

- Helps with hemorrhoid problems

- Alliviates heartburn

- Helps with Acidity

- Aliviates spots on the skin

- Helps with chronic fatigue

- Cholesterol


Barberry Root, Cascara Sagrada, Chlorella, Cayenne Fruit, Fener Seed, Ginger, Irish Moss, Lactobacillus, Acid phillus, Licorice Root, Red Raspberry, Slippery Elm Bark, Triphala.

Detox # 2 Liver Formula

Help to clean and detoxify the liver and keep the blood free from toxins.


- Cleans and detoxifies the liver

- Keep the blood free from toxins

- Helps with fatty liver

- Reduces spots on the skin

- Helps reduce inflamed stomach

- Helps with hepatitis C

- Helps with Cirrhosis

- It promotes good circulation


Milk Thistle, Artichote, Boldo, Dandelion, Peppermint Leaf, Quassia Bark, Red Clover tops, White Oak Bark.

Detox # 3 Kidney Formula

Ury Formula has been specially designed to promote a healthy urinary system.
The urinary system consist of organs and tissues (the kidney, ureters, bladder and urethra) involved with regulation in the body and with the excretion of metabolic waster and excess water and salt in the form of urine.


- Helps with urinary infections

- Helps with kidney stones

- Helps with incontinence

- Helps with back pain

- Helps with fluid retention

- Eliminates toxins


Uva Ursi, Couch Grass, Parsley, Juniper Berries, Asparagus, Buchu, Alfalfa, Watermelon Seed, Shavegrass, Corn Silk, Golden Root and Cranberries.

Detox # 4 Laxo Formula

Laxo Formula has been specially designed to promote normal bowel movement and evacuation and to support intestinal cleanse with minimal or no discomfort.


- Helps with obesity problems

- Reduces inflammation of the lower abdomen

- Helps with poor digestion

- Helps with constant stomach pains

- Helps with constipation


Cascara Sagrada, Rhubarb Root, Asparagus Root, Senna Leaf, Celery, Parsley, Cranberries, Irish moss, Spinach and Aloe Vera.

100% All Natural Karina Lily Detox. Detox your body by flushing out the accumulated toxins that causes irregularity and bloating.

Karina Lily Detox is a finely ground powder made of natural plants and herbs. This detox can be used daily to assist normal bowel movement. Pysllium can help achieve a high fiber diet, which is also good for a healthy bowel. 

Directions: One tablespoon in 8oz of room temperature water before breakfast or at night before bed.


- Detoxifies your body

- Flushes out accumulated toxins

- Cleans your organs

- Aids with irregularity

- Helps with bloating

- Relieves constipation

- Helps get rid of sluggish feelingsection